“When you learn, teach.”

For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with Dr. Maya Angelou. Though she’s no longer physically here, her spirit, her profound words, and her teachings still impact those who stumble upon them. I (sadly) never met her, but when she passed and the world was doing their part to remember her, this saying stood out to me and it’s helped me navigate through everything.

It’s so cliche, but it’s also true— KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I’m a firm believer in giving, teaching, and sharing what I learn in order to benefit others.

Take Ice Cube, for example.

We all know him and love him for various reasons. Some admire his impeccable lyricism and tough exterior as a Compton kid who made his dreams come true with one of the most notorious hip hop group’s of all time: NWA (top 5 biopics ever). But a whole lot of people got to know him as an actor in the “Barbershop” series, creating content like “Friday”…Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.33.24 AMAnd “Are We There Yet?” and being a father to his super fine son, O’Shea Jr… or maybe that’s just me.

Ok, honestly. Truly. Somewhere in between all of Ice Cube’s hard-hitting lyrics and Jheri Curls, someone sat him down and said, “Ice, fam. This gangsta life ain’t where it’s at. Make a movie, kid.” And it changed the entire trajectory of his career. I’m assuming someone else had that conversation with Dr. Dre and that’s why neither of them are in jail like Suge Knight.

THE point IS, you never know what can happen from one conversation. If there’s something you’ve learned, share it with your friends. Give GOOD advice to the people you care about and help them along the journey of this crazy things called life. I promise you, you will not be harmed by helping others. And, the world will be a little bit better because you did.

There are tons of ways to give back, and make our communities places of growth and love. Don’t hold back because you think someone is going to take your spot. If anything can “take” anything from you, it wasn’t yours to begin with.

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Love, Always.