“WHAT’S FOR YOU IS FOR YOU.” – Alesha Renee

The first time I met Alesha Renee, I was 20, with a big afro-weave, and excited about my first day at the WEEN Academy.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I just, again, wanted to impress people. Before Alesha came in, this strong and gorgeous woman who I had seen at the auditions came in and made me stand to my feet in front of the entire class.  She was intense, and not playing games, and her name was Lauren Lake.  Apparently, I looked like I wanted to answer a question.  I, absolutely, did not.

That moment was way worst than being called on in class after you weren’t listening.  These were black girls who (many of them) I had never met.  We can come off shady during first impressions. It’s all a part of our magic.  Still, being in that room initially scared the hell out of me.  SO, when she called on me, I went completely blank.  She asked me about what I wanted my brand to be and all I remember saying was, “I want to be an on-air personality so I can bring light to the world.”  Either way, I had failed SO badly that the girls literally had to back me up and said, “No, that’s not Gia. She’s not shy. She’s so nice. She’s amazing. She’s just nervous,” to get her to back off of me.

Still, that day, I learned THE MOST VALUABLE lesson I’ve learned in my short, yet crazy, career.  Alesha Renee made all of us cry by telling us about the inevitable pitfalls of failing.  And then, she told us, “What’s for you is for you.”  Those words changed my life.

To be honest, I wasn’t the most confident girl.  Growing up, I battled with low self-esteem and never feeling like I was good enough.  I always felt like the girl next to me was prettier, more talented, more intelligent, and just… MORE.  By 20, I was learning to shake it off but the reason this message hit home for me is because Alesha brought God in to it.  CHILLLLEEEE…

She explained that God gives everyone a gift and the correct opportunities to use it how he sees fit.  So, if we were going on an audition and four of us were up for it, whoever got the part was meant to get that part because GOD wanted it to be so.  What’s for YOU will be for YOU.  No one can take it away.  No one can sabotage it.  No one can have it, if it’s truly yours.

This advice helped me become more confident because I knew that at the end of the day, if I get a part, it’s mine.  If my friend’s get it, it’s theirs.  But there will be no hard feelings, no hate, or no shade because God makes moments for each individual.  The energy you spend hating on someone else’s blessings should be put in to how you’re going to take advantage of your own.

I hope something from this will help you!

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Love, Always.