“Life is not a straight line.”— Isis Adewale

During my time at the WEEN Academy, I met an AMAZING woman named Isis.  She came to speak to our class about philanthropy as she was a former dancer turned event planner for Russell Simmon’s RUSH foundation.  She was dope and dropped various gems, but her warm spirit stuck with me. 

We ended up living four blocks away from each other in Brooklyn and when she was here, her house became like a second home.  She mentored me and another groups of girls, vigilantly.  During our various gatherings for “Inspiration Sessions,” she’d drop gems about fear, spirituality, perseverance and more.  We all left feeling better and now, we are all pursuing our dreams.

One of the most amazing pieces of advice she gave me is, “Life is not a straight line.”  I think when we finally see a vision for our lives, we turn a blind eye to just how difficult it is to make our dreams a reality.  Isis gave it to us straight.  She told us many times that we would fall and that there would be days when our accounts would be over drafted or our phones would be ringing for a final meeting with a boss because we were about to be let go. 

These are all things I learned in WEEN but her one-on-one attention really saved me from a lot of trauma.  I failed and will fail more, but she made me realize that it’s all a part of the process.

Failure is- depending on how you look at it- a good thing.  Muva O says failure is God’s way of pointing us in the right direction. 

Fellow “Type A” personalities, I get it. You never want to fail.  But we will. And it’s OKAY. And you will get back up, dust yourself off, figure out another way and make it happen if you truly believe you can.

Follow all the amazing things Isis is doing on her site! She’s a guru in the making, y’all.