“Manage Up” – Ebro Darden

My big brother/step-dad/mentor/boss, Ebro, is one of the best people I’ve ever met.  A few years ago, when VH1 teamed up with the most iconic radio station in hip hop to create a show about what goes on at the office called “This is Hot 97,” I interviewed him on a red carpet.  At the time, I was working with a great blog called Music Xclusives and we went there to cover the event.

I interviewed Ebro. He left. And then I interviewed Mona Scott Young. And he came back and completely interrupted our interview.  At first I was thought, “HOLD UP, BRUH! I’m trying to talk to this woman who could put me on TV!”  But, Ebro actually helped me because he said, “Mona, she’s got a pretty face, a nice voice… Put her on TV.”

I’ve respected him ever since.

And though my Mona deal is clearly still in the mail, Ebro and I ended up working together.  After months of industry party passings and empty promises of lunch, we found the time to sit down and he asked me to run his site, BlameEbro.com.  That was about two years ago and now the site is doing great, and he’s family.

But, he’s also very blunt. So, when we talk, he’s able to cut through the sugar-coating and get to the actual intention of our conversation easily.  He’s the type of person to give you what you need to hear before you know you need to hear it.  So, we recently talked before the launch of giapeppers.com and he dropped GEMS.

One of them was, “Manage up.”  He said, “You’re in a great spot right now. You can walk in to BET, ESSENCE, Hot 97 and more and people know you.  Now, you need to let people know what YOU want to do… Set up coffee, make it happen, and don’t pass up on these opportunities.”

Bro. How genius is this guy?

I’m currently working on “Managing up,” but I wanted to share this with you! We all have people in our lives who are willing to help us and looking for ways to grow.  Stop sitting on your behinds or tweeting your mix tapes to people who won’t listen.  Go through your phone book and figure out WHO can truly help you and then, before you go, figure out how you can help them.  Even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow— trust me, the right opportunity could be right around the corner.

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Love, Always.