If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 26 years of life (yea, I’m getting up there), it’s the fact that life is short.  When an awesome friend of mine passed away the Summer after we graduated, I learned that the hard way and ever since her funeral, I made the decision to make every day count.. Because, we might not be here tomorrow.

Nonetheless, there are some days that are way more special than others.  And no, I’m not talking about weddings, Christenings, first dates, and graduations, only– I’m talking about birthdays, too.  As we get older, many of us forget to focus on celebrating the amazing opportunity to see another year of life.  We go about our daily lives and act like celebrating the day God said, “You know what, I think she’s ready to go on down and do her thing,” isn’t significant.  It’s a big deal and a major occasion.  So, every year, I like to go HAM. Several celebrations, cakes, moments, and outfits are usually required for me to feel like I’ve had enough of reflecting on and taking time to note the day God brought me to earth.

This year, I celebrated my 26th birthday on Sept. 6, and I’m still celebrating.  About two weeks before the actual day, I decided to stop dragging my feet and launch the site I had been mulling over for almost four years, and to throw an intimate launch dinner in NYC.  Who do I think I am?  Apparently, I think I’m Beyonce… Mostly, because we’re only two days apart.

BUT, after a week of stressing and making a party happen with a humble, Non-BEYONCE budget, my friend and event planner Christine Harmon made it happen.

The night was amazing and I celebrated with some of the people who have celebrated me.  We printed out small images of my logo and intended to preview the site… But, due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t.

Still, we had an awesome time and EVERYone looked great.  So, I wanted to share a few photos to shout out all of the AMAZING people who joined me in celebrating at the GRAN MORSI in Tribeca (see, I really think I’m Bey), last week.

And to remind every person whose decided to ignore the day they were born to stop acting like they don’t care.  Gather your tribe, laugh, vibe, love, and realize that seeing another year is a blessing.  The friends who show up love you and will fill you with the overwhelming love and attention you need to shine and recharge the way you should after a year of celebrating everyone else.

No matter what you’ve accomplished, or no matter how far you think you have to go, your birthday is a necessary day of celebration to fill yourself up with love, hope, good energy, good food and great company.  Don’t turn down the opportunity to love on others and accept the love other people give you.  After all, only God knows how many more birthdays we’ll all see.  Enjoy every minute.

Major thank you to:

@LITBKLYN for providing the giveaways! #BestCandlesEver

@Ciroc for the MANGO. #ItsPOPPIN


@MultiArtistryENT & @MsArtistry for the video/photo work! #YASSSS

@Jamal.Peters for the AWESOME photography. #YouGoBoy

@JuneAmbrose for nudging me to get the PINK suit at her closet sale.


and the @GranMorsi for making this a night I will never forget.

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Love, Always.