Gia Peppers is a multi-talented entertainment journalist and on-air talent from Washington, DC. At 26, the budding media phenom has worked on-camera and behind the scenes with BET, the NBA, Essence Magazine, Billboard, Complex, Hot 97 and more – usually at the very same time. When she isn’t in New York City, reporting on the biggest urban entertainment stories as a host of’s digital execution, “BET Breaks,” she is pumping up a crowd of 15,000 of Washington Wizards fans in her hometown or managing Ebro Darden’s brandsite, But, it all started when she decided to believe that her gifts would never go to waste…

Growing up in Washington DC and Maryland, Peppers’ mother and father kept her in dance and normal school activities. Because of her parent’s faith and encouragement, Gia was able to believe that anything was possible. In high school, she worked on the school newspaper and did spots as an anchor on the morning show broadcasted during homeroom. Still, she had hopes of pursuing a career as an entertainer, and not necessarily a journalist.

When she was 15, she began to attend The Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles. Surrounded by the brightest stage talent and instructors the world had ever seen, she was inspired to tap into her own excellence and has barely looked back since.

Now, at 26, she certainly has a lot on her plate but Gia does it with ambition, intellect, and style. From her days interning at “The Wendy Williams Show” to this very day, Peppers passion has been to show her peers that they can do whatever they put their mind to. She firmly believes that there’s no better way to pass that message on than to live it.

With a background in performing arts and speaking, her next sights are set on acting, singing, and whatever else God has for her. As long as she is spreading light and combating negativity with inspirational content and through moral story telling, Gia believes she is doing what she was meant to do– And that’s ultimately, to shine.

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